''Sleepy Lagoon is definitely a paradise, not only the house is perfect and welcoming but the beach and the area where is placed is truly breathtaking. All the people were very kind and Fred’s recommendation were very useful. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a peaceful environment to reconnect with nature and themselves. '. Gabriela, Italy - October, 2018

'We had a wonderful stay at Sleepy Lagoon. The house is beautiful and the view is breathtaking. If you want a secluded beach house to relax, this is the place. The fact that the house was only reachable by foot or boat was really a plus for us. Jen is a great host who responded quickly to our questions. Fredh, who was on site, took great care of us'. Jules, Canada, July 2018

'If you want to stay somewhere beautiful and secluded, this is your place. Gorgeous well designed home right on the water...' Cassie, Australia, February 2018
'This place is remarkable, well designed, perfectly serviced, its paradise on earth. We spent 9 days with our two children (17 and 21), and we enjoyed every minute, service is friendly, food from next door restaurant is good, there are so many things to do and see with motorcycles available when you need... We can't wait to be back!!' - Phillippe, France - January 2018

'Absolutely fantastic retreat in unspoilt environment. Highly recommended.' - Bernie, Australia, November 2017.

''We stayed for a total of ten days and it was just lovely! The large, beautiful bamboo house is surrounded by a lush tropical garden with colorful flowers. Aptly named 'Sleepy Lagoon' the house is a place where life seems to move in slow motion as you lie in the hammock, listening to the sound of the waves.' - Sebe, Holland - April 2017

 'Beautiful and quiet place. Lovely house, the fluent communication with Jen (who was really kind and helpful), delicious and cheap food from the closest restaurant, stunning landscape. We would definetely recommend Jen's place. Thanks for such a lovely experience !' Julietta and Ivan, Argentina - March 2017.

 absolute beach front      spacious & comfortable      sleeps 4 people

New! check out the Sleepy Sister hut right next door! sleeps 2 pax - great 'extra room' for larger families or cheaper budget option for couples


 Big Sister of Lena House Bungalows 


Wodong Beach (near Maumere, east Flores)


the music you're listening to is ' The Sleepy Lagoon' - Jen Anderson 

Flores rental accommodation
Sleepy Lagoon rental accommodation Flores Indonesia
Sleepy sister is a wonderful and unbelievably awesome place right on the beach next to the fisherman paddling by, next to the flying fish, not far from snorkeling options, perfectly maintained, just in a nutshell: at paradise! I seriously hope, that I will have the opportunity to come back in the near future – then, I will stay much longer! - Marianne, Germany - November 2018

We had a brilliant week staying at The Sleepy Sister!! The views from the balcony are amazing and the sea just outside the bungalow is incredibly calm and refreshing. We loved the design of the bungalow and the homey touches. Fredh, from Lena House, helped us with so many things during our trip. It wouldn't have been the same without him! We had great communication with Jen from the moment we booked, which was reassuring. We want to go back to the Sleepy Sister again already!' - Clare, United Kingdom - July 2018.