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where is Flores?


Flores, one of many Islands that make up Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia, is  between Bali and Timor. The Flores Sea lies to the North and the Sawu Sea to the South. 
It is a stunningly beautiful island - 360 Kilometres  of volcanoes, grassy savannah and mountain forest.


how do i get there?

The closest airport to Sleepy Lagoon is at  Maumere, 2 hours from Bali, (flights twice a day), or for those with more time, fly to Labuan Bajo and come overland by bus or hire car. Please note it takes at least 3 days to arrive by car from Labuan Bajo! The roads are very mountainous and sometimes in poorly maintained condition.

You can also take a boat from Lombok to Labuan Bajo, and enjoy the beautiful snorkelling, and Komodo dragons along the way.

If flying to Maumere, it takes approx 30 mins by taxi to reach the Sleepy Lagoon. Pickup can be arranged at time of booking.



Situated  along the Northern Coast of Flores, 27 km East of Maumere near Waiterang, and tucked away in the corner of Pedang Bay, sits the Sleepy Lagoon It is secluded from the main road and access is via Lena House, with a half kilometre walk at low tide.
This rental is ideal for couples, small families, or anyone who wants to take a break from a busy lifestyle, and experience some peace and quiet. It provides a perfect artist's retreat.

There is no nightlife or shopping nearby, but instead one can partake in genuine Indonesian community life - the local people are friendly, happy and helpful.



the Sleepy Lagoon 

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